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  1. Privacy Captcha can convert your private data, i.e. some text, into a Captcha to protect it against undisirable automatic processing!
    10.07.2015 to , , by sonic
  2. Automatically create premium videos from text content within seconds.
    13.06.2015 to , by sonic
  3. Where all Ipsums come together
  4. Chapter 11. AT THE WINDOW. Follow Fillerati on Twitter I made Fillerati because I grew tired of reading "Lorem ipsum..." on every new design I was working on
    13.09.2012 to , , by sonic
  5. 12 Typography (Font) Guidelines to improve website usability and overall user experience. Contains definitions of typography, usability, readability and legibility
  6. Der Assoziations-Blaster ist ein interaktives Text-Netzwerk und blastet Deine Assoziationskraft auf eine neue Stufe. Durch die Verwendung automatischer nicht-linearer Echtzeit-Verknüpfung werden neue Bedeutungen und Beziehungen zwischen Worten, Textfragm
  7. "Lorem Ipsum" is a typographic filler text and generates randomized dummy text, Lorem Ipsum style or in other languages/charsets for free.

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